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Product #ColorPigment TypeLb./Gal.Pigment Solid Wt. %
OTL-B-5BlackCarbon Black9.1645
OTL-BE-50Blue R.S.Phthalo Blue10.9740
OTL-BE-51Blue G.S.Phthalo Blue9.9740
OTL-G-49GreenPhthalo Green9.4240
OTL-R-52Red (B.S.)Organic Red9.4540
OTL-R-57BrownIron Oxide14.755
OTL-W-58WhiteTitanium Dioxide16.8865
OTL-Y-53YellowOrganic Yellow10.144.4
OTL-Y-54OrganicOrganic Yellow9.3340
OTL-Y-55OchreIron Oxide14.5255

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100% Solids Pigment Dispersions

Quaker Color manufactures a complete line of universal pigment dispersions compatible in the majority of resin systems. This low VOC line is suitable across various applications in the general industrial market