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Company Profile


Quaker Color’s mission is to develop and manufacture innovative and environmentally friendly products that enhance the value of our customers’ products. We operate our business with strong family values spanning four generations, therefore creating long lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees. We consider ourselves an extension of each customer’s team making their goals our own.


Our core values manifest through:

Honesty – Maintaining absolute trust with our partners
Teamwork – Working together to achieve our mutual goals
Dependability – Steadfast reliable service, quality and support for our partners
Innovation – Developing creative cutting edge solutions for industry challenges
Commitment – To our employees, to our planet, to our product quality and our partners


Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Quaker Color believes in the importance of practicing ethical behavior and complying with the governing applicable laws while conducting business. This belief of ethical business conduct applies to all the employees of the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates. Quaker Color is managed based upon our principles and values and strives to maintain the respect of our customers, suppliers, employees, and peers.


Customer Commitment

Customers’ Imagination; Quaker’s Innovation.
Quaker Color has a distinguished record of commitment to both product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Pledge to Our Customers:
Honest Relationships
Outstanding Quality
Exceptional Value
Service Beyond Expectations

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At A Glance

  • Quaker Color was established in 1968 and operates today as a Specialty Chemical Company servicing the global coatings industry through its highly efficient manufacturing capabilities and innovative technology.
  • Our wide range of products can be found in several markets including Automotive Leather, Leather, Synthetic Leather, Automotive Interiors, Plastic Coatings, Metal Coatings, Wood Coatings, Industrial Coatings,  Building & Construction Coatings, Paper Coatings, Textile Coatings, Rubber Coatings, Electronic Coatings, and Industrial Grade Pigment Dispersions.
  • Quaker Color is ISO 9001/2015 certified and has a strong reputation for producing high quality chemicals in a very consistent manner and being among the best in the industry in terms of delivery and customer service.
  • Quaker Color is ISO 14001/2015 certified demonstrating our commitment of social responsibility for the environment, our community, our workforce and our customer base.
  • Our long term proven capability is illustrated through our experienced technical staff that offers innovative solutions through development work done in our state of the art labs and also offers global support on site at our customers’ locations.

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Company History

1919 – William Brown becomes first generation working in the leather industry as a foreman with McAdoo & Allen.

1949 – William Brown and Harry Brown purchase McAdoo & Allen from the McAdoo & Allen estates.

1960 – William Brown passes away leaving sole ownership to Harry Brown.

1967 – Harry Brown was killed in a car accident and McAdoo & Allen is sold to a holding company. Kenneth Brown Sr., Harry’s younger brother, leaves his position at Penn Color to manage McAdoo & Allen.

1968 – Kenneth Brown Sr. forms Quaker Color which specializes in dry pigment dispersions in various resin bases.

1972 – Kenneth Brown Sr. purchases McAdoo & Allen from the holding company.

1974 – Kenneth Brown Jr. takes management control of McAdoo & Allen becoming the third generation. At the time, McAdoo & Allen focused on waste-belt and harness leather finishing. Quaker Color continued to grow and flourish under Kenneth Brown Sr.

1988 – Quaker Color starts to develop high quality aqueous based coatings for the automotive and furniture leather markets.

1995 – Kenneth Brown Sr. retires from the business leaving control to his son Kenneth Brown Jr.

1996 – Quaker Color assembles a polyurethane manufacturing department to produce its own raw materials.

2001 – Shawn Brown enters the company becoming the fourth generation to work for McAdoo & Allen Inc. / Quaker Color.

2007 – Justin Brown joins the company completing the entry of the fourth generation to work at McAdoo & Allen Inc. / Quaker Color

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Social Responsibility

At Quaker Color we emphasize the importance of social responsibility for the environment, our community, our workforce and our customer base. We purposefully design products and look for optimized manufacturing methods that intend to leave the planet in a better position for future generations. Examples of this in product design include our renewable resources platform and constant effort to eliminate the need for solvents during various manufacturing processes. In manufacturing we aim to reduce our carbon footprint through facility investments such as our water recovery loop unit, LED lighting and various recycle stations. Our products are designed to eliminate VOCs and to be manufactured within compliance of our governing bodies and with other world initiatives.

Environmental Responsibility

Quaker Color management and employees are committed to:

  • Protection of the environment by preventing pollution
  • Fulfilling our compliance obligations
  • Continual improvement of the environmental management system

Along with interested parties, we seek to promote and maintain respect and responsibility to the environment and product stewardship, conforming to this policy in everyday operations, emergency preparedness and resource utilization.



Work Environment

To work at Quaker means you will be valued, respected and challenged. We provide our employees a safe, team oriented working environment with the latest technology to foster success. Our working environment allows our diverse team of employees’ creativity to thrive and provide innovative solutions to industry challenges. We demonstrate ethical behavior, create trust through transparent communication and possess relentless determination to ensure success for future generations.


EHS Responsibility

Health, Safety and Environmental Responsibility

At Quaker Color we encourage the highest level of safety awareness, health and environmental issues among our employees and strive for continuous improvement.
We produce products that are safe and environmentally friendly to manufacture, use, recycle and/or dispose.

We support the efforts of our customers and our suppliers in the safe and environmentally sound production and handling of the products they receive from us and those products we receive from them.

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